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Getting a Christmas Tree in Utica NY

Getting a Christmas Tree in Utica NY

Yeah I know you can get a Christmas tree at home depot J Kay or any of the other hardware stores. But I don’t want deck the halls with nuts and bolts. I want to make my tree getting experience one that is memorable for everyone.

Like fish frys during lent I have been trying new places for years. Last year I got one from an old man for $5.00 of the side of the road in Hawkinsville. The tree wasn’t the best tree, but talking to the old man and seeing him smile was worth it. And just like in Charlie Brown’s Christmas even the ugliest tree looks beautiful if someone gives it a little bit of love.

One place that I love to go to get my tree is Massoud’s Tree Farm. out of all the years I have gotten my tree somewhere, they always put me in the Christmas spirit. They have wreaths, and it smells like sap. Haha!

This is what is important to me about getting a Christmas Tree in Utica NY

Local trees! If you’re gonna buy anything local please make it your Christmas tree. We don’t live in a big city. So getting trees is easy. Who knows where you’re getting it from when you go to Lowes or J Kay. Go to the source. If it wasn’t illegal I would hike out in the woods and cut down the biggest tree I could find like Chevy Chase.

Good people. Don’t take this the wrong way… but I have bought some trees from people who were real dicks. The trees can be heavy and when you’re still at their farm and they wont help you tie it to the car that’s not cool. Some of these trees cost like $40.00 or so. Plus one important part about the season is helping people. So give help, get help, feel good.

Snow. If there is no snow on the ground I won’t go. Who wants to trudge through the mud to cut down a tree and then drag it to the car in the mud. It’s Christmas, not time to paint the town brown. The snow also gives me that warm Christmas feeling. It’s funny that we say that because its usually cold, but Christmas has a feeling, and for most people its a warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts.

That’s just about it. Every Christmas tree farm around here is pretty good. I haven’t been to one with a bunch of jerks working. They all usually have saws for you to borrow, and if you have a family you can make getting the tree something everyone loves to do every year. Christmas is about love… wait. Life is about loving. Don’t waste anymore of your energy on anything else. Love your family, love your friends. Love the guy who just backed into you in the parking lot. Love, love, love. Merry Christmas!


So glad to have “Uncle’s Tavern” in New York Mills open again

So glad to have “Uncle’s Tavern” in New York Mills open again

Cold beers and the infamous Uncle’s burger. One of the best burgers in the Utica NY area. You literally can’t get a better burger in New York Mills.

I’m so happy Uncle’s Tavern Reopened!

It’s back finally. Uncle’s Tavern has finally reopened in New York Mills, NY. It’s been a while since I set foot in the place… almost two years I think. There was a fire and since then I’ve been waiting for them to reopen. I live in New York Mills so I’ve been looking for an alternative since they closed down. But New York Mills isn’t a huge town in fact you could drive through it in 2 seconds if the cops weren’t such perfectionists. So I gave up my search and went out of town for my burger and beer lunches.

I have been following them on Facebook as they talked about progress and described how the restoration was coming along. And finally just this past Monday, they opened up the doors. And as soon as I finished up some of the internet marketing work i was doing. I got my dupa over there for a nice cold Utica Club beer and one of the best burgers in all of Central NY.

I came in the backdoor and was like whoa… it was shocking how different it was, but in a good way. a clean fresh look, but still a lot of the same old Polish faces.

Uncles has a long history in this town. My dziadziu used to frequent the place when they just opened way before any of y’all. My dad says they would keep special beer for him warm because that how he liked it. And to this day, they aim to please their customers.

Again, I’m so happy they have reopened, you need to get there and try some of their food. I can’t wait to celebrate the heart run and walk and watch a new generation turn Uncles tavern into their local watering hole.


Internet Marketing Seminar In Utica NY

I got some facetime on TV while I was teaching a seminar on internet marketing for the local chamber of commerce. What surprised me the most was how many smaller to medium sized businesses are not using internet marketing properly.

It turns out a lot of business owners think internet marketing is only social media, and they don’t consider all of the other options that will work for their business. Another shocking thought I had while teaching the course is that some businesses don’t build out a strategy for their online marketing needs, and they don’t do any research as to what to do, how much to spend and how to do it.

My goal was to shed some light in a new way about internet marketing for businesses

I hope that the students who were taking my internet marketing class we able to grasp the key points:

  • Strategy is everything
  • Success is determined by persistence
  • Tracking methods will help you find success

Here is the clip the TV station aired on my internet marketing seminar

Read the full story about the internet marketing seminar


#utica Club #beer #wedding #cake

#utica Club #beer #wedding #cake

I just attended a wedding this month and it had one of the beat looking wedding cakes I have ever seen.

Most wedding cakes are white, and fancy. But this wedding cake was decorated like a can of Utica Club Beer. I wasn’t the only person to take a photo. I watched several people snap shots because of how impressive it was.

You may think I’m bias because I already love Utica Club Beer. But the cake was really done well.


#celebrating #easter and the first signs of #spring in #utica NY

#celebrating #easter and the first signs of #spring in #utica NY

The weather finally looks like its raking a turn for spring in Utica NY.

As we prepare for our Easter celebration. I made sure the dogs got to celebrate too. We went on a nice hike and got to play fetch in the creek