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Internet Marketing Seminar In Utica NY

I got some facetime on TV while I was teaching a seminar on internet marketing for the local chamber of commerce. What surprised me the most was how many smaller to medium sized businesses are not using internet marketing properly.

It turns out a lot of business owners think internet marketing is only social media, and they don’t consider all of the other options that will work for their business. Another shocking thought I had while teaching the course is that some businesses don’t build out a strategy for their online marketing needs, and they don’t do any research as to what to do, how much to spend and how to do it.

My goal was to shed some light in a new way about internet marketing for businesses

I hope that the students who were taking my internet marketing class we able to grasp the key points:

  • Strategy is everything
  • Success is determined by persistence
  • Tracking methods will help you find success

Here is the clip the TV station aired on my internet marketing seminar

Read the full story about the internet marketing seminar


#utica Club #beer #wedding #cake

#utica Club #beer #wedding #cake

I just attended a wedding this month and it had one of the beat looking wedding cakes I have ever seen.

Most wedding cakes are white, and fancy. But this wedding cake was decorated like a can of Utica Club Beer. I wasn’t the only person to take a photo. I watched several people snap shots because of how impressive it was.

You may think I’m bias because I already love Utica Club Beer. But the cake was really done well.


#celebrating #easter and the first signs of #spring in #utica NY

#celebrating #easter and the first signs of #spring in #utica NY

The weather finally looks like its raking a turn for spring in Utica NY.

As we prepare for our Easter celebration. I made sure the dogs got to celebrate too. We went on a nice hike and got to play fetch in the creek


Cross country skiing at the Root Glen in Clinton NY

Cross country skiing at the Root Glen in Clinton NY

If you’re looking for a safe place to go cross country skiing in the Utica NY area make sure you check out the Root Glen. It’s a close by and has some of the best trails and plenty central NY beauty.

The cross country skiing at the Root Glen is pretty easy, and I’m sure if you’re daring you can test your cross country ski skills by going off the beaten path or down to the ravine. But sometimes easy is good. Especially on a Sunday morning!

What a great day in Utica NY! The January freeze we’ve been in finally started to break. With temperatures breaking. It was a great day to get out of the house and get some fresh air and exercise.

Many people know about the Root Glen as a place to hike in the Summer and warmer months. But to truly love the place you need to take a hike, strap on some snow shoes or cross country skis and see what the place is like in the winter.

If you have kids longing to get outside, take them to the Root Glen. They will love being outdoors and seeing how beautiful nature is in the winter.

There are several places to park. The front part has a lot of bridges and steep drops so beware and take care. It’s easy to get to. If you live in Utica NY it will take you approximately 15 minutes to get there.

Perfect for the family. Close to home, easy trails, and natural beauty. It all adds up to great central NY living and sure beats staying inside.


The Adirondack Song

One of my favorite things about living in Utica NY is just how close we are to the Adirondack Mountains.

woodenspoonA while back some friends of mine in the band Woodenspoon wrote a song that all ways pulls my heart strings and makes me want to go home no matter where I am. The Adirondack Song this song pretty much sums up the the feeling the Adirondack Mountains gives to people.

Give it a listen and imagine yourself in those Adirondack hills.

So many people come from all around the world to spend time in the Adirondack park and I have the luxury of it being right in my back yard.

Click here to listen to the Adirondack Song

I’m pround of my friends for writing it, and i’m happy to share this song with you so you can hear the love this band has for their home. To me it was an instant classic, I’m sure if you’re a fan of the Adirondacks it will be an automatic favorite.